Why It’s Really Important to Put the Year “2020” than just “20”

This is really an important message that could save you lots of stress, time and money in the year 2020.

To minimize possible fraudulent transactions, when writing a date, particularly the year, you must put into practice writing “2020” instead of simply “20”. Why? Because any individual with a mind of a fraudster, can change a year “20” to any year by just adding “00” to “19” to it for his or her advantage. Example, a date January 1, 2020, which can be written as “1/1/20”, can be changed by a fraudster to 1/1/2019 by simply adding “19”.

With that, don’t write or accept documents with “20” as the year. Not to worry for a long time though, this will only happen in the year 2020.

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