Accounting & Bookkeeping Service is the second most popular service of Pangandian Consultancy Services, next to Tax.  Depending on the client’s needs, we use either Microsoft Excel or Numbers (by Apple). If you have your own software, we are confident that we can operate it as well.

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In Microsoft Excel, we have formulated a file that can update your Trial Balance as we input your transactions. The file can also indicate whether or not the Debit and Credit are balanced. It has General Ledger and Subsidiary Ledger, which also prompts us when the two ledgers are not balanced. Based on your recurring expenses and revenues, we can also predict your Cash balance on any day for the next ten years. We can know when you will have your lowest and highest cash balance.  This is our most affordable Accounting & Bookkeeping Service, and it’s really good already.

If you have your own software, we are confident that we can operate it since we are used to using different software of different clients, big or small, for years already. The Managing Owner of Pangandian Consultancy Services, being a former Certified Information Systems Auditor, has vast experience, exposures, and skills in using various Operating and Application Software.

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The Process

We usually start by organizing receipts and vouchers to come up with a Chart of Accounts. Once all accounts have been reviewed and approved, we start with Journal Entries, and then we create and update General Ledger and Subsidiary Ledgers. Periodically, we reconcile your General Ledger with Subsidiary Ledgers. We reconcile further those ledgers with actual Inventories, Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables, and Cash. We also prepare Trial Balance and adjusting entries. Keeping in mind that we continuously organize the receipts and vouchers.

Further, we produce monthly, quarterly, and yearly Accounting Reports and Financial Management Reports with recommendations.  Furthermore, we prepare management letter citing control recommendations, whenever necessary.

And ultimately, we can be the one to present those reports we produce, to the Board of Directors, or Committee.

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