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Pangandian Consultancy Services provides tax, payroll, and accounting solutions so you can focus more on growing your business.

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Let’s push things forward and create the future. Let us make things better. Whether you’re a professional (doctor, lawyer, engineer, broker, architect, etc.), sole proprietor, partnership, corporation, or an investor; Whether you’re starting a new business, you have an existing business, or everything in between, Pangandian Consultancy Services is here to help you along the way as we offer back office services for your business backbone. We have smart, experienced, and knowledgeable people who can work with you every step of the way.


Business Registration and Permits

Starting business in the Philippines, either as sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation, needs to comply with necessary requirements regarding licenses or permits from government. An entrepreneur or investor should obtain a business license in the location where the business will be established, as well as register the business with the Department of Trade and Industry in case of sole proprietorship, or with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the case of partnerships and corporations.


Periodic BIR, SEC, and other Regulatory Compliance

Expenses of the business do not end in paying electricity and water bills and in compensating the employees. One of its responsibilities is to comply with the government rules and regulations for the business to operate continuously without the fear of force closure of the business. There are tax dues that the business pays monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. The business should comply with the government dues to avoid incurring penalties.

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Annual Financial Statements

Financial statements show how businesses perform annually. The information financial statements provide is the result of the financial and non-financial performance. This becomes the business’ basis in making economic decisions. Financial statements should be understandable, relevant, reliable and comparable. Assets, liabilities, equity, income and expenses can be seen in the organization’s financial statements.

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Renewal of Permits and Licenses

There is nothing that lasts forever. In the business world, such things also exist. The permits and licenses the business obtained in the start of operation should be renewed and maintained for the business to continue its existence. Non-compliance to government rules and regulations regarding to the renewal of permits and licenses can result to business problems.


Business Expansion and Branch Out

As an investor or businessman, you should not be contented on how the business looks and operates. The entrepreneur must look for things that can be improved which the business may offer to its customers. If you’ve enjoyed the abundant blessings coming from the business, consider giving the business some make over or expansion. This won’t only make you more successful but customers can also achieve some new feelings from the changes in the business.


Business Closure

Establishing, registering, complying with the government requirements, renewing and expanding a business in the Philippines is not that easy but doing it repeatedly makes it easier. Business closure is a problem that is hard to solve because closing it will mean settling all the problems that you encountered when the business was operating. Also, in the Philippines, the processing time of the business closure depends on the status of the business.

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