Tax with Payroll


Our Tax Retainer Service is our bread and butter. We have been doing this for around 40 years before “Pangandian Consultancy Services” comes into existence. Our clients ranges from various self-employed professionals to various businesses located in markets to big corporations and everything in between.

We provide Tax Retainer Services to all kinds of businesses and professions in Metro Manila, Clark, Subic, Bulacan, Bataan, and Nueva Ecija. It does not mean however, that we are limited to those locations. We can provide the service anywhere in the Philippines.


We review, assist, prepare, submit, and file various required BIR forms such as 1601-E, 2550, 2551, 2550Q, 1701Q, 1702Q, 1701, and 1702. We also include SLSP and annual inventory. And yes, we are the one who will prepare, go to your location, collect the tax due, submit and pay to accredited banks, and file them for your convenience.

On an annual basis, we prepare and file a complete set of Financial Statement, submit SEC requirements such as the GIS, and we also provide Tax Planning for your business.

We provide further ad hoc services such as Tax Compliance Review, Tax Clearance processing, Incorporation, Business Closure, PhilGEPS processing, ICC, and many more.

We also assist in the preparation of renewal of annual business permit in your city or municipality. We will regularly provide you BIR and SEC updates, and answer your queries.

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Payroll & Timekeeping

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As government needs more money to achieve their required budget, it is not just the BIR that’s aggressive in auditing the compliance of businesses. SSS, PhilHealth, and Pagibig have followed the BIR’s footsteps and compliance with these agencies shouldn’t be taken for granted. Hence, compliance with laws relating to payroll is already automatically included in our  Tax & Compliance Retainer Service.

Outsourcing your payroll to Pangandian Consultancy Services is a lot more affordable and a lot lesser stress for your company than doing it in-house. Our rate is directly related to the number of employees you have and discounts always await you.

Pangandian Consultancy Services takes care of the following:

  1. 1601C monthly
  2. 2316 annually
  3. 1604CF annually

We compute the withholding taxes on the 15th and month end. We consolidate the withholding taxes and enter them in the BIR system. We submit them online. We also:

  1. Print the hard copy
  2. Do the payment procedures
  3. Propose tax shields
  4. Answer queries

Retainer fee is really at an affordable rate. We also handle SSS, Pag-ibig, and Philheath, including monthly and quarterly posting, for additional really affordable rate per month.

We also handle timekeeping. We will compute the gross salaries for you. Basically, you don’t have to worry anything about your payroll.

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