Tax Clearance Documentary Requirements

Sworn affidavit (annex A-1 for individual and Annex A-2 for non-individual taxpayer)
Photocopy of Certificate of Registration (COR) (BIR Form 2303)-certified true copy
Original copy of Delinquency Verification of No Tax Liability issued by the RDO/Collection Division having jurisdiction over the Head Office of the taxpayer not more than fifteen working days from the date of application. However, for taxpayers registered under the following district offices, the delinquency verification must be issued by the Regional Office-Collection Division:Revenue RegionRevenue District Office417A, 17B, 18, 19, 20, 21A, 22, 23A, 23B524, 25A, 25B, 26, 27629, 30, 31, 32,33,34728, 38, 39, 40, 41, 43A, 43B, 45, 46844, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53A, 53B954A, 54B, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63
Copy of the previous Tax Clearance issued, in case of renewal (original copy of the tax clearance if not yet expired and photocopy of the tax clearance if already expired).
Certification fee worth P 100.00 electronically filed and paid thru the eFPS using MC = Tax Code and MC200 = Alphanumeric Tax code(ATC). Attach BIR form 0605 and the eFPS bank confirmation receipt.
Two pieces of loose documentary stamps worth P 15.00 each (do not affix)
Letter request addressed to the Chief, Accounts Receivable Monitoring division and authorization letter.
Latest return filed (ex. 1601-C, 2550M, 1701) and/paid thru eFPS aside from payment for registration Fee.

Additional requirements if the taxpayer has an outstanding liability/ies, if applicable:
Copy of the Final Assessment Notice (FAN) and/or Final Decision on Disputed Assessment (FDDA) issued by the Commissioner or his duly designated representative;
2.Duly filed Notice of availment of Tax Amnesty Return (BIR Form No. 2116) and the corresponding Payment Form (BIR Form No. 0617) as proof of payment thereof, in case of availment of the Tax amnesty program (for First time Applicant);
Copy of the formal letter request and photocopy of application for Compromise Settlement or Application for Abatement or Cancellation of Tax Penalties and/or interest Under Revenue Regulations Nos. 13-2001 or 15-2006 (BIR form No. 2110) duly received by the concerned Revenue District Office;
Copy duly validated payment form (BIR 0605), official receipt issued by the Authorized Agent Bank (AAB) or Revenue Official Receipt (BIR Form 2524) issued by the Revenue Collection Officer, whichever is applicable, representing Payment Compromise/abatement offer;
Copy of the letter of protest, request for consideration and/or reinvestigation duly filed by the taxpayer with the concerned BIR office;
In case of installment payment, a copy of the approved letter request for installment payment;
Other documents as may be required by the concerned processing/approving office

Income Tax Return with Financial Statement
If verified with open tax cases (CMC-Collection Section), please submit the required returns to resolve the open case(s).

Letter must be in writing and contain the following information:
Name of the taxpayer
Telephone Number/Cellphone Number
Name of Procuring Government/Private Agency
Name of responsible Procuring Officer- telephone number/fax number, cellphone number

If applied/requested/claimed by representative:
Authorization letter indicating name of authorized representative
Photocopy of any valid ID of taxpayer & ID of authorized representative

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