Pangandian Consultancy Services is trusted by hundreds of clients, with hundreds of ongoing service orders being requested by clients, and being complied with by the Pangandian Consultancy Services.

Trust exists because we always deliver as to what we can promise. And if there is a mistake in our part, we are not afraid to own it. Earning the trust of our clients is not an easy task, but we make it easy through our systematic approach in handling the service orders.

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We have hundreds of clients with hundreds of service orders because our rate is really affordable. We don’t base them on the values it will add to you as a client, but rather on the cost of the processes we incur. Additionally, our employees are based where the rates are not as high as in Metro Manila. We understand the value of money because Pangandian Consultancy Services started from the bottom.

Despite of continuous hundreds of service order requests, Pangandian Consultancy Services is focused on getting the job done in each of the open service order. We do this by simply clearing the “clutter” of our staff, to focus on the service order assigned to them. We prioritize, and focus.
IMG_0230Pangandian Consultancy Services delivers, literally. We understand that time is gold, particularly for our clients.  That is why we are the one who go to your office, instead of the other way around. We get things done while you are at the comfort of your office. And we deliver our output right on your office door.

Contact us now, as we are really excited to help you.

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